Summer destination. CROATIA-Full of sun

If you’ve heard of Croatia, it’s most likely because of football (3rd in the world on football WC 2008.). I’ve been to different continents and a big percentage of Croatia’s fame is sports. But recently more and more people know about Croatia’s coastline. It is a relatively young country (Croatian independence was internationally recognized in January 1992) but it still managed to become the part of European Union.


Beautiful nature and clean environment make distinctive three parts in Croatian geography. The one where everybody would like to spend summer holiday is the coast of the Adriatic sea. It is a rugged coastline with 1.245 big and small islands, peninsulas and coves.

Small businesses and start-ups are the engines that will power Nigeria’s growth into the future

Nigerian Federal Government should be commended for putting the spotlight on local manufacturers through initiatives such as the Made-in-Nigeria Dress Days and an Executive Order compelling state agencies to direct at 40% of procurement to Made-in-Nigeria goods and services.
That’s according to Magnus Nmonwu , Regional Director for Sage in West Africa (, who says a strong government push to encourage Nigerians to support locally made goods and services will help encourage entrepreneurship.