Summer destination. CROATIA-Full of sun


If you’ve heard of Croatia, it’s most likely because of football (3rd in the world on football WC 2008.). I’ve been to different continents and a big percentage of Croatia’s fame is sports. But recently more and more people know about Croatia’s coastline. It is a relatively young country (Croatian independence was internationally recognized in January 1992) but it still managed to become the part of European Union.

Beautiful nature and clean environment make distinctive three parts in Croatian geography. The one where everybody would like to spend summer holiday is the coast of the Adriatic sea. It is a rugged coastline with 1.245 big and small islands, peninsulas and coves.


The photo above represents the island of Korčula in the southern part of Dalmacija, which is the name of a coastal region. This area is worldwide famous by great wines and delicious food.


Croatia is full of sun but if you’re not a type of person who wants to spend their summer swimming in the sea, there’s a mountain part which is elevated and full of beautiful clean rivers and waterfalls.


One of the mountains in this area called Dinara holds highest mountain peak Troglav with elevation 1913 meters.

DSC02850The third part would be lowlands in the north-east. It includes an area called Slavonija, southern Baranja and Western Srijem. Beautiful valleys and picturesque hills are characteristic for this area.Mediterranean climate gives perfect conditions for vineyards and long tradition has helped production of great wine. Tourists have many things to see and experience. Big Rivers with old forests make beautiful sceneries. This area also has an exquisite cuisine.

Author: Damjan Gemovic

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