Discover Spiritual Village In Africa

Toukozou-Hozalem is spiritual village Located in Grand Lahou on the Westside around 80 kilometers from Abidjan in Cote d’Ivoire West Africa. Hozalem is a temple in this small village called Toukozou. It was Founded in 1937 by late prophet PAPA NOUVEAU who was a great leader in Ivory Coast. 


PAPA NOUVEAU was a great man recognized by prominent leaaders in the country and globally. Men like the first president of Ivory Coast Felix Houphouet and Pierre Messmer visited Hozalem village.

Hozalem church has become a tourist attraction and pilgrim destination. Many who have visited this holy land attested to prayer requests being granted through late prophet PAPA NOUVEAU.

The church has a private beach behind its building with great ambiance. Tourists are always welcomed, besides Hozalem church Cote d’Ivoire has many beaches and attractions. If you wish to visit and need a guide here is a contact number that can assist you +22507733614.

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