Everybody’s talking about “PROACTIVE HOSPITALITY”


What is this?

It involves regularly assessing your guest journey and updating how you approach it; – Anticipate things guests might need – Anticipate moments guests might be making stay judgements – Use context-based suggestions (e.g. time of day, point of stay) One way we’ve seen this done is with sentiment analysis. A simple example is sending a quick text message to the guest after they have just been checked in through the front desk…How is your room?

Did You Know?

99% of guests travel with at least 1 mobile device. 40% travel with at least three mobile devices (laptop, tablet, smart-phones, etc).

Modern guests are truly mobile-first. They come expecting on-demand service. They’re socially connected. They’re looking for ways to personalize and customize their stay.


Use a platform that sends automated pre-stay check-in invitations to guests 24h in advance of their arrival.


Offer guests the available room inventory at your hotel when they are most likely to upgrade; before they arrive via mobile devices.


Strip away assumptions about what guests want and when. Unbundle your hotel services and amenities and allow the guest to craft and curate their own experiences through upsells.

Room-Ready Notification

Update your guests when their rooms are ready. This is a small touch that contributes towards a seamless guest experience.


Credit: Guestdriven.

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  1. Fabulous site. Lots of information for a traveler with limited or no knowledge of what do do especially in Lagos Nigeria.
    Kudos to the management team of Hospitality9ja.com

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