5 health benefits of drinking wine


What if someone tells you wine is good for your body, you would be surprised right? Yes it’s true, latest research shows that wine is healthy for your body, consumed in moderate consumption.wine mix

  1. Wine acts as stress reducer which makes you at ease and has positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Stress can cause blood pressure while constricting arteries.it raises the LDL (bad cholesterol).  Wine helps to thin the blood and let it flow smoothly through our body.
  2. Studies have shown that drinking wine in moderation can lower risk of diabetes. It helps extend function of pancreas and sweep glucose out of the body. This allows person to avoid diabetes on later stage in life.
  3. Moderate consumption of wine leads to lowering possibilities of stroke due to its blood thinning nature clots that can lead to stroke can be prevented.
  4. Wine has helped slowing down the ageing process of brain resulting better brain functions longer.
  5. Moderate consumption of wine cuts down risk of colon cancer by 45% as per research. Red wines have more benefits than white one although wine is definitely healthy than other alcoholic drinks.

Remember excessive use of wine or any alcohol is not good for your body; it can lead to problems related to liver and other issues associated with excessive alcohol usage.


by  Amit Deshpande



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