The Need For Training


Because customer service is the essence of hospitality, there is a need for learning new ways of doing things that put huge smiles of satisfaction on the faces of our highly esteemed guest. Every job in the hospitality industry ultimately aims for guest satisfaction.

Without proper and continuous training, employee-guest encounters can go awry, affecting the guest experience. Training can be expensive, but the benefits can outweigh the costs involved as they afford us new ways at getting better at what we do – guest satisfaction.

Oftentimes in my hotel training sessions, I’ve been asked that simple yet ambiguous question: Why do we need continuous training? I give various answers to the questions as they arrive but the singular one that stands out of the lot is this:

Businesses are changing everyday due to life style and technology. In order to be relevant in the industry, one has to be aware of the changes that are taking place in the market to service the changing needs of the business and guest calls for training of personnel regularly. The need for training becomes important due to various reasons, such as, changes in life style of the guests, to adapt to new technology, new recruitment, Promotions, Changes in standards of service, to improve productivity and effectiveness, to reduce costs, to improve sales and so on and so forth.

The need for training starts when there is discrepancy between the desired out-come of the results as against what really happens. Many a time these discrepancies are not mentioned by the guest themselves but should be identified by the managers. Examples of these are room cleanliness, time taken for check-in and check-out, time taken for room service delivery, etc. Based on these discrepancies, training objectives have to be established. These objectives have to be clearly defined, such as aiming at improving services or aiming at increasing effectiveness or aiming at improving productivity or aiming at reduction of costs or again aiming at changing the standards of service etc.

The Benefit of staff training in Hotels can be seen as three pronged:

It is beneficial to the Employee as it increases the Job satisfaction and recognition, encourages self development and self-confidence, helps the employee become and effective problem solver and moves the employee closer to their personal goals.

It is beneficial to the Management as it aids in evaluating Employee performance, aids in sustaining Hotels Systems and Standard Operating Procedures, and also helps in identifying Employees for promotion and/or transfers.

It is beneficial to the Organization as it reduces accidents and safety violations, reduces wastage and costly employees’ turnover, aids in organizational development and ultimately leads to improved profitability.

The highly competitive environment in which businesses operate today requires a skillful workforce in every organization in order to remain a successful player in the competitive game of the industry.

Staff training is a very essential part of any hotel’s growth because it is a path for the management to know about their employees, it is a way to help employees to make best use of their own abilities, and it is a method to assist employees to become better professionals at what they do. Training shouldn’t be occasionally, periodically or once in a while. It should be continually with different educational programs that will upgrade skills according to job positions.

With the help of continuous staff training, business success is partly guaranteed.

By – Chibuisi Ogu

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