Customer Service Is The Essence Of Hospitality

I keep wondering why I go to restaurants and the waitresses don’t smile, why some hotel employees are not cheerful, why bar attendants are sometimes not polite. The reason i find myself passionate about the hospitality industry is mainly because i am a customer service enthusiast and hospitality is all about service.

Hospitality thrives on repeat business and excellent customer service is essential, great customer service leads to huge returns . Do you know that bad service goes farther than good customer service? It is true that if you receive bad service you tell atleast 10 people upwards, but if you receive good service, you tell maybe just 5 people. The reason you tell more people when it’s bad service is because you surely would not want someone close to you to experience similar.

A satisfied guest is a returning guest, so if you want to make your brand stand out and grow in business, then understand the true essence of hospitality by delivering excellent service and guest satisfaction.

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